Thursday, April 5, 2012


Hey! Yeah... I know... I haven't blogged in forever. Get over it. So today's topic is settling. Or a better word may be tolerating. What am I talking about? Well let's think about this; when my mom was a kid, they could not even show a toilet on tv. But now, we have "children's" tv shows saying words like "Gammit" and calling people a "Witch".  How could we get from there to here? It's because our society is tolerating more and more! These tv shows and movies are constantly  "pushing it" until it becomes normal and we settle because that is what everyone else is doing! Well, we need to stop it! God didn't put us on this earth to sit here and watch his creation go down the drain! We are supposed to stand up for what we believe in. Just because I'm going to be called a racist or a hater, It's not going to stop me from saying our president is a moron and homosexuality is wrong! I am strictly standing up for what is right, regardless of how much criticism I am going to get for saying it! We need to not let the devil shut us up. We need to not let society guilt us in to saying "Oh, it's okay". The people that want to shut you up are the people that know what they are doing is wrong but do not want to be told other wise. So now, more than ever, let's stand up for what's right! Let fight for what's worth fighting for!!


  1. that was a good blog but i wouldnt have the guts to say it on here so your brave for that and i love the blog :)

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